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Factors to Consider When Having Construction Done for an Inground Pool

Building a new, inground pool is undoubtedly an exciting time for you and your family. Constructing a swimming pool is a big commitment to make that requires ongoing maintenance, but the enjoyment and health benefits of having your very own oasis are far greater! Here are some factors to consider during the construction process.

Safety and Fencing
Safety is the most important factor to consider when it comes to owning a swimming pool. Not just the safety of you and your family, but the safety of any visitors whocome to your home. Drownings in backyard swimming pools are unfortunately not uncommon, and the majority of those who drown are children so it’s highly important to ensure your pool fencing is built and erected before any water goes into your new pool.

Size and Depth
Whilst it may be tempting to construct the biggest swimming pool on your street, it’s not always the most practical option. Consider how much of your yard you are willing to sacrifice (as well as any decking that surrounds it) to ensure you aren’t left with no backyard at all.

It’s also important to think about how deep you want your pool, taking into account if you have any children, or are planning on having any in the future, there needs to be an area shallow enough for them to play safely.

Ongoing Maintenance
An inground swimming pool is not something you can simply ‘set and forget’, it requires time, knowledge, money and ongoing maintenance. You will need chemicals and equipment in order to keep your pool in top condition all year round.

Need Some Help?
At Kustom Pools Cairns, we are the experts when it comes to building and maintaining inground swimming pools! Feel free to ask our Queensland based team for help and advice today.

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