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Five Factors to Consider With Pool Placement

There are many decisions that must be made when installing your new pool and of these the positioning is absolutely vital. Here’s five tips on where to place your new pool.

1. Create a View
A great place to position your pool is in full view from your internal and external entertaining areas. If you’re indoorswith friends and familyyou’ll have your spectacular pool as your landscape and that’s sure to impress. If you’re in your outdoor decking area then your pool creates an amazing atmosphere for you and your guests.

2. Privacy
Privacy can be a key aspect when positioning a pool. Prying neighbours or passersby can reduce the fun of enjoying your pool. Think about where your fences and high trees are situated, as well as neighbours’ homes and areas with traffic.

3. Keep an Eye on the Kids
For parents, often the most important factor in pool placement is to ensure that you are able to keep an eye on kids and teenagers in the pool, as this is absolutely essential. You may wish to align it with kitchen and lounge room windows as well as keeping it adjacent with outdoor entertaining areas.

4. Space Around The Pool
Of course you want to go for as large a pool as possible but you still need to ensure you have sufficient space around the pool. Things to consider include allowing space for lounging areas, outdoor dining areas, BBQs and, of course, remaining backyard space for you, your kids and your pets to enjoy.

5. An Open Sunny Area
It’s important to keep in mind where the sun sits in your backyard and you may wish to take note at different times during the day especially when you’d expect to use the pool the most. This will ensure your pools getting optimum sun. You also want to go for a nice open area to avoid overhanging trees that can cause debris to build up in pools and filters.

To get started with creating your ideal pool, come see the experts at Kustom Pools Cairns. We have advice on the perfect design, placement and form for your new pool. Contact us today.

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