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Five Reasons to Have a Swimming Pool Installed

Far North Queensland can be known for its extreme heat, so, if you’re located around Cairns and Port Douglas you’re used to sweltering heat. Having the convenience of a swimming pool in your backyard can definitely be beneficial and it’s a great long term investment. At Kustom Pools Cairns we offer a variety of custom made pools, impeccably designed specifically to your needs.

So, why should you have a pool installed by Kustom Pools Cairns?

1. Adds Luxury to the home
Our rectangular and freeform pools are beautifully designed and will add a sense of luxury to your backyard and the overall feel of your home.

2. Conveniently Cool Down
A big advantage of having a pool at your home is that when the weather starts to rise or drop you can just jump in and cool off at your leisure. There’s no packing up the family and heading to the local pool just to cool down, you can simply slip into the backyard and experience the comfort and convenience of having a pool right at your home.

3. Fun for the family
Having a swimming pool at home can be a lot of fun for the entire family. Kids love having a pool and it can be a fantastic way to get them having fun outdoors instead of stuck inside fixed on devices. It’s also a great way to get the family to spend some real quality time together.

4. Adds to the value of the home
There’s no mistaking that a pool will add to the value of the resale of your home. Particularly in Far North Queensland, when people are looking to purchase properties, having a pool is often one of the highest priorities on their checklist. If you rent your home out in the peak season, a pool will greatly improve the rental price of your property.

5. Exercise and getting outdoors
Having a pool in your backyard is a fantastic way to get you and your family outdoors and getting fit. Pools are a great way to exercise and it’s relatively low impact. Kustom Pools Cairns designs custom made, elegant swimming pools in Far North Queensland. Contact us today to discuss your dream pool.

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