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Four Factors Affecting the Cost of Inground Pool Construction

Whilst the materials for inground pools are usuallycostlier than an above ground pool, inground pools are stronger, more durable, they look nicer and they add more value to your home than above ground pools. Choosing an inground pool is a no brainer, but there are some factors you should consider that will affect the cost of constructing and maintaining your new pool.

One of the largest factors that will affect the cost of your new inground pool is the size. As you can imagine, a larger pool is going to cost considerably more than a smaller pool, so it’s up to you to decide the correct size for your needs and your budget.

The materials you decide to use in your pool will not only determine the look and feel of it, but also the cost. Cement pools are typically more expensive than other options however, they last much longer and are less prone to leaks and damage. Vinyl and fibreglass pools are more affordable but you may find they don’t have the same longevity as a cement pool. Ultimately, the care and maintenance you put into looking after your inground pool will determine how well it lasts over the years.

Heater and Filter
Heating and filtration is something that needs to run practically 24/7, so think carefully before deciding on which systems you want in your inground pool. Try to select equipment with a good energy rating to keep your bills and emissions to a minimum.

Do you want something simple and classic? Or a pool with extras such as a waterfall and slippery slide? Any extras you decide on will need to work into your budget.

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