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Four Problems With Trees & Plants Around Pools

Landscaping around your pool certainly completes the look and feel of the area. Scrubs, trees and other plants can enrich the appearance and help to enhance the mood you wish to set. There are, however, problems that can occur with certain choices you make with trees and plants around your pool.

How often they drop
Trees and plants will drop leaves, needles, petals and twigs throughout the year. When the plants are around your pool then a portion of the debris will undoubtedly end up in your pool. This can mean regular clearing of the pool which can be tedious and exhausting. You may even need a pool cover to be placed on and off the pool between uses which can be frustrating and can take away from the aesthetics of the area.

Trees that overhang
Wherever you can, it’s recommended to avoid trees that directly hang over the pool. In this circumstance it becomes unavoidable to prevent debris dropping as pruning and maintenance becomes difficult due to logistics. However, if you still wish to have some tall trees for shade then do your research. Go for something that only drops their leaves once a year, as opposed to something that is doing so all year round.

Check the roots
There’s a large amount of construction that goes into a custom built in ground pool and, therefore, there’s a lot that can be disturbed if you have tree roots growing around the area. The base of the pool, surrounding tiling and filters can all be damaged over time due to tree roots expansion and growth. They can even protrude through the ground and unearth the structures of the pool.

Avoid plants with spikes
You want your pool to be a tranquil place where friends and family can comfortably enjoy themselves. Spikey plants can certainly upset that tranquillity, whether that be by getting into the pool or being a hazard when exiting the pool. Best to avoid at all costs!

When building your pool with Kustom Pools in Cairns we’ll give you the right advice on the plants and trees you should avoid when landscaping around your new pool. Contact us now to start designing your dream pool.

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