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How a Swimming Pool Can Increase the Value of Your Home

A pool can be a great asset to your home and provides for a great deal of entertainment for not only yourself but your friends and family. There is some debate over whether investing in a pool will increase value of your property when it comes to resale. It all comes down to how appealing potential buyers see a home with a swimming pool. There’s a lot of reasons to support those looking to purchase in Far North Queensland would view it as a positive.

1. Popular in a hotter climate
A major factor effecting whether a pool will increase the value of your home is where you’re located. If you’re in climate that has peaks of cold months throughout the year then adding a pool to your property might not be as desirable as it would be if you are located in a hot climate. With the weather consistently warm throughout the year in Nar North Queensland, then installing a pool is a much greater investment because it can be used all year round and therefore is far more appealing.

2. Most homes in FNQ have pools
Most homes located in Cairns and greater Far North Queensland have pools installed and, therefore, when buyers are looking to purchase in your area they’ll be expecting a swimming pool. For this reason, if you’re looking to sell your home down the track it would be worthwhile to invest in a pool as it will keep your property value on level with neighbouring properties.

3. Improves the Landscape of the property
If you have a look at the pools in Kustom Pools Cairns’ gallery, you’ll see that our pools are not only built with functionality in mind but with true style. Our designer pools will improve the landscape of any backyards and as they’re custom designed, you can choose the size, shape, colours, tiling and even the layout of landscaped plants. We don’t just install pools, we create beautiful and stylish back yards that will improve the aesthetics of your property which will increase the value in the eyes of the buyer.

4. Rental property appeal
Many home owners in Far North Queensland will rent out their homes to tourists coming through to the area during the peak times. If you are looking to do this yourself then the vast majority of travellers are going to be coming up here and expecting a pool on the property. If you want to increase your appeal in the rental market for years to come then having a pool installed will wonders for your property’s renter appeal.

5. Appeals to families
Not everyone looks for a property with a pool but if it’s a family with younger children or teenagers, then chances are a pool will be an appealing lure to purchase a home. Particularly in FNQ, families really require a swimming pool to keep the kids cool on those hot days throughout the year as well as creating a great space to entertain the family outdoors. A quick swim before an outdoor meal can be the perfect evening for all families.

So, if you’re located in the FNQ area, and contemplating whether installing a pool in your home would benefit the overall value of your home, you can see there are factors that show it will.

Kustom Pools in Cairns design beautifully crafted pools that will create a luxurious look to your backyard which can have a positive effect on the resale of your home. Contact us to talk about your options and to help customise the perfect swimming pool for you.

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