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How to Keep Your Pool Water Cool in the Far North Queensland Heat

If you live in Cairns and Far North Queensland, you’ll know that the weather can seriously heat up in the summer time and, really, all year round. If you have a backyard swimming pool then you’ll undoubtedly notice the water temperature rise at this time. To combat this, there are some things you can do to lower this.

A pool cover
Keeping the pool covered by a pool cover when you’re not using it is a great way to keep the direct sunlight off the water and, hence, maintain lower temperatures. There’s a lot of different options on the market and you can have them custom made to fit your pool. It also keep debris from leaves out of the pool when you’re not using it.

Shade over the pool
Having some shade over your pool will really help to keep the water temperatures at an optimum level. This can be shade sails that aren’t too invasive and you’ll still get sunlight where you don’t have them or you can go for a thinner design. Or you may want to create a solid structure over the pool to protect it from the sun. This is a really good way to keep out leaves and twigs that fall into the pool.

Add cold water
Just adding a few centimetres of cold water just from your hose can make a surprisingly big difference in the water temperature. Be sure to check the water restrictions in your area before doing this.

Water feature
Having a spray water feature in your pool can bring the temperature down as it hits the water. The best part about this is the water is recycled from the pool so you don’t need to worry about water restrictions. Plus they look great and the kids will love playing under them!

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