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Natural Freeform or Rectangular Pools: Which is better for you?

Rectangular pools
If you’re looking for a pool that you can stretch out and do some proper exercise in, such as swimming laps or other water aerobics or exercise, then a rectangular pool is going to be perfect for you. This shaped pool is also fantastic if you love a sleek lookand have a more straight line,modern style of architecture to your home.

You tend to need a larger space in your backyard if you are going to install a rectangular pool, so this may affect your decision on which to go with. If you have existing outdoor areas, or even trees you’re unable to move, where you want the pool to go that could cause issues too. You can, however, modify the traditional rectangle by removing a corner to accommodate. This means you’re not missing out on those sleek, modern lines that the rectangular pool provides.

Especially with the heat around the Cairns area, you may wish to have covering set up over the pool to create some shade and add to the look and feel of the pool. As the rectangular pool is straight lines, you’ll find it a lot simpler to have a cover designed, built and fitted.

The defined corners of the rectangular shaped pool means it’s easy to incorporate lounging areas around the edges. You can modify your design so that there’s flat surface sections for this or you can choose to have ledges to rest on around the entire pool, giving you access to and from the pool at all angles.

Freeform pools
A Freeform pool is essentially just a pool design that can take on any shape. If you have some fixed areas of your backyard, such as trees and sitting areas, the Kustom Pools can design a freeform pool to fit perfectly into your space. This is definitely an advantage if you don’t have the larger space often required for the rectangular pool.

If your property is located in Far North Queensland, such as Cairns or Port Douglas, then you may desire to create a beautiful tropical, backyardoasis to mimic the surroundings. The shape of the freeform pool and the ability to strategically place tropical plants, such as palm trees, can create a lagoon-like feel to your backyard. That way, you’re constantly reminded that you’re located in the magnificent FNQ.

Further to adding plants to create atmosphere around the pool, if you’re looking to add beautiful landscaping to your backyard then this is often better achieved with the freeform pool. Although rectangular pools allow for plants around the edging, if you are wanting to have a lot of lush plants then there’s always little spots you can place them with the freeform pool. You can virtually surround the entire pool with plants and trees if you desire.

As you have more freedom with the shape, it’s a lot easier for you to have ledges for sitting around the pool incorporated into the design. This style of pool also creates a much softer look to the space, where the rectangular tends to be more streamlined. So if you are looking for a more tranquil and peaceful space with your pool, then the free form is an excellent choice.

There’s no set answer as to which style of swimming pool is the best and, in the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences. If you’re still not sure if the rectangular or the freeform pool is right for you then give us a call at Kustom Pools Cairns. We’re experts in the field and we can help you decide and design the best pool for your needs and desires.

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