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Six Signs Your Pool Could Do With a Renovation

How often they drop
If you’re starting to notice a green discolouration to the water in your pool then you may be experiencing issues with your pumps and filtration system. If your pools a few years old then it’s highly likely that these systems may need an update. Kustom Pools Cairns offers an array of choices in the best and latest filters, pumps and cleaners that will not only eliminate issues with water colour but will be more environmentally friendly and economical to run.

Safety requirements
Australian laws around safety with swimming pools has changed over the years so if you’ve had your pool for a while it may be violating some safety codes. Old equipment, damage to lighting and electrical issues with filtration systems can all be hazardous to you, your family and those in and around your pool. Updating can be the best option for ensuring you’re up to code with the latest safety measures.

Maintaining your investment
Pools are usually the most expensive addition to a home and so you need to maintain what you’ve invested in. When the paint starts to crack, tiles begin to break off, filter systems become damaged and pool finishes wear down, it’s time to start fixing these asap so that you don’t create further damage and deterioration. You’ve made the investment so it’s in your best interest to sustain it.

Outdated look
Pool design has come a long way and if you review the Kustom Pools Cairns gallery here you’ll see that our pools are sculptured and strikingdesigns that will complement any backyard. If your pool’s a few years old, or even a few decades, then chances are that the shape, design, tiling, pool finishing and surrounding exterior is probably ready for an update. With so many attractive designs to choose from, you’ll enhance your backyard and your lifestyle by updating to something better.

So, if you think you’re pool could do with some renovations and updates then contact Kustom Pools Cairns. Our beautiful designs will bring a welcome update and uplifting change to any pool. Call us Contact us today.

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