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The Benefits of Refinishing Your Existing Pool with Premixed Glass Finishes

If you’ve got an outdated inground pool in your yard that’s no longer being used, you may be considering either replacing it with something new or evengetting rid of it all together. An old, unused pool can be an eyesore, replacing it can be costly but taking it out or filling it in seems impractical with so many hot Queensland days to contend with. So, what’s the solution?

More and more people are choosing to refinish their existing pools with beautiful, premixed glass finishes and giving them a head to toe makeover instead!

Visually Stunning
Premixed glass pebble finishes are absolutely beautiful. They shimmer and sparkle in the sun and can make an old, dull pool look a million dollars! They sparkle both day and night, leave your pool looking brand new and won’t fade.

Smooth & Luxurious
Some pebble finishes can be sharp and abrasive on soft feet, but the premixed glass pebble finishes used by Kustom Pools Cairns are silky smooth and leave even the most delicate feet unscratched.

Easy to Clean
Glass pebble surfaces are soft and rounded making them very low maintenance and easy to clean. Most automatic pool cleaners will work fine on glass pebbles surfaces, meaning you don’t even need to lift a finger.

Cost Effective
One of the biggest benefits of resurfacing your existing inground pool with a premixed glass finish is the cost effectiveness of it. It’s a much more affordable option than replacing it altogether and the result is something that really does look brand new!

Get in Touch

Make your existing pool look as good as new with a glass pebble finish by Kustom Pools Cairns. Contact our friendly team today for more information.

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