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The Importance of Pool Safety for Your Backyard Pool

Spending time in and around a pool can be a lot of fun for adults and children alike, especially on those hot summer days. However, there are some safety tips that should be followed to ensure your good time doesn’t result in an injury. Here’s a few tips for pool safety to follow for you, your family and any guests spending time in and around your pool.

Wet Surfaces
One of the biggest incidents of injury around a pool are due to falls on the decking or tiled areas around the pool. Water splashing from the pool and coming off as you exit the pool make the edges and surrounds wet which can create trip hazards. Mop up spills or dry up with a towel as often as you can to avoid this.

Slippery Surfaces
The build-up of algae over time as well as aging leaves and debris can cause surfaces to become slippery. Keeping these surfaces cleaned on a regular basis helps to break this up so it does not become an ongoing problem.

Simply put, not taking the required care around a swimming pool by running on slippery or dry surfaces can lead to a fall and an injury. A pool is a great place but it can be easy, especially for kids, to get a little carried away in the fun and this can result in slips and spills. Have fun, but heed caution.

Entering the Pool
Injuries often occur at the entry point of the pool. Slipping on stairs where they’re not completely visible can be a common occurrence so it’s recommended to consider this in the initial design or renovation of your pool. That way, you can clearly see where stairs are and there’ll be less slips as a result.

Being mindful of the safety issues that can occur around a swimming pool ensures that everyone using your pool avoids accidentsand enjoys themselves safely. Contact Kustom Pools Cairns to start designing your dream pool. Call now!

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