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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Plants For Around Your Swimming Pool

If you’ve just had your pool installed or if you’re just looking to revitalise the area around your existing pool, then your next step may be to begin working on landscaping the gardens. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting plants and trees to go around your pool.

Attractive landscape
A well-crafted pool, such as the custom designed pools by Kustom Pools Cairns, are aesthetically pleasing and make a real architectural statement in your backyard. Whether it’s a whimsical lagoon feel or the modern beauty of straight lines, a pool can become a designer piece of artwork. To that effect, you want to create a landscape around the pool that will enhance and compliment the look and feel of the design. Your selection of plants, trees and scrubs should aid in inducing that atmosphere.

Plants that will thrive
Not all plants will flourish in all types of climates and conditions so it’s important to do your homework before purchasing. One factor to consider with a pool is the level of chlorine it will produce. There are certain plants that can handle the chlorine and others that will consequently perish when exposed it. You also need to consider the climate where you’re located and which plants and trees can grow under those conditions.

Ongoing maintenance
Another factor when selecting plants and trees for your pool’s landscaped gardens is to assess the level of maintenance you’ll be dealing with. Trees and plants that drop a lot of leaves, petals, pine needles and small twigs mean additional cleaning for the pool on a very regular basis. You may wish to avoid this additional work so plants that drop less throughout the year are preferable. They can also cause issues with getting caught in filters and drainage which can have carry over effects on the pools functionality.

When having your pool custom designed and built with Kustom Pools Cairns, ask us about plantation to place around your new or existing pool that will flourish, minimise the need for clearing debris and create a perfectly landscaped surrounding. Contact us today.

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