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Why We Choose the Blue Glass Pebble Company’s Finishes for Our Pools

At Kustom Pools Cairns we source our pool ground finishes from accredited Australian company Blue Glass Pebble Company. They are the experts in smooth glass pool interior and they’re quality products are designed to last. Here’s why we choose them for our pools.

Colour stay
Unlike many other pool finishes on the market, Blue Glass Pebble Company finishes will retain their vibrant colour for the life of your pool and the dazzling colour designs will retain their sparkle for years to come. They have six base colours and from there we can combine and design to create literally over 100 colour schemes.

Looks incredible
Blue Glass Pebble Company’s beautiful glass pool interiors are made up of high quality materials sourced overseas and locally. The end result is a glistening finish both during the day and at night. The different colour schemes create a glimmering effect that can change the water from a deep blue to a dazzling emerald, depending on your preference.

Less abrasive
A major issues for many pool surfaces is that they can be sharp and abrasive. We choose Blue Glass Pebble Company as the glass and materials they use to create the pool lining is smoothed and polished. It is made in vacuum and tumbled to develop the perfect finish. This then makes your pool surface safe and perfectly smooth for swimming in.

Built to last
Blue Glass Pebble Company pride themselves on creating a high quality pool lining that is built to last the life of your pool. They use only the best methods and materials to ensure an unbeatable finish for your pool.

Contact us here at Kustom Pools Cairns to start designing your dream pool with the perfect Blue Pebble Company pool surface finishes. Call us today. .

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